Fluid Mechanics-I

Fluid Mechanics-IHours: 3 0 3

Concept, Properties and types of fluids, Stress analysis of static fluids, Newton’s Law of viscosity, Introduction to non-Newtonian fluids. Estimation and measurement of Pressure and Pressure gradient,Manometery, Buoyancy and Stability, Basic physical Laws in Fluid Mechanics, Conservation of Mass, Continuity equation, Linear Momentum, Angular Momentum and Energy, The Bernoulli’s Equation and its application, Dimensional Analysis and Similitude, Viscous Flow in internal flows, Concept of Laminar and turbulent flow, Concept of friction and pressure drop in flowing fluids, Friction factor in laminar and turbulent flows in pipes, Concept of equivalent diameter,Pipe sizing problems, Flow measuring devices such as Bernoulli devices, Variable area meters, Notches and Weirs.Concept of Boundary layer and its importance in fluid mechanics,A brief introduction to external flows, Turbo-machinery and its classifications.

Pre-requisites: NoneCo-requisites: None

Hours: XYZ where X = Lecture, Y = Lab, Z = Credit
All hours are per week.
3 Lab hours constitute 1 credit hour
1 credit hour implies 1 lecture of 50mins per academic week. 16 weeks in total.
Pre-Requisite courses are courses required to be completed before this course may be taken
Co-Requisite courses are courses required to be taken along with this course

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