Digital Signal Processing

Digital Signal Processing
Hours: 3 0 3

Discrete-time signals, sampling theory, interpolation and decimation, discrete-time Fourier transform, z-transform, Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform digital filter design techniques, practical IIR and FIR filters, finite word length effects, introduction to discrete stochastic processes.

Pre-requisites: EE351
Co-requisites: none

Hours: XYZ where X = Lecture, Y = Lab, Z = Credit
All hours are per week.
3 Lab hours constitute 1 credit hour
1 credit hour implies 1 lecture of 50mins per academic week. 16 weeks in total.
Pre-Requisite courses are courses required to be completed before this course may be taken
Co-Requisite courses are courses required to be taken along with this course

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