Crystals and X-ray Diffraction

Crystals and X-ray DiffractionHours: 3 0 3

X-ray scattering by noncrystalline forms of matters, effects of temperature, atoms, crystal axes and reciprocal lattice, diffraction by small crystals, integrated intensity, crystal symmetry, the powder method, the Laue method, the rotation method, scattering by non crystalline form of matter, temperature effect, order-disorder diffraction by imperfect crystals and perfect crystal

Pre-requisites: NoneCo-requisites: None

Hours: XYZ where X = Lecture, Y = Lab, Z = Credit
All hours are per week.
3 Lab hours constitute 1 credit hour
1 credit hour implies 1 lecture of 50mins per academic week. 16 weeks in total.
Pre-Requisite courses are courses required to be completed before this course may be taken
Co-Requisite courses are courses required to be taken along with this course

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