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PAK-US Research Project

The funding of Pak-US research project proposal entitled ” Develoment of Comutational Mechanics Infrastructure and Human Resources for Advancing Engineering Design Practices In Pakistan Industry ” costing US $ 522,000/- is approved by the review panel of HEC, MoST and USAID. This is one of the only 11 selected projects out of 112 applications. This proposal was also independently reviewed by the Fellows of the American National Academies for its technical merit, and it is a part of the “Pakistan-US Science and Technology Cooperative Program”.

This proposal was jointly submitted by GIK Institute, Topi and University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. Dr. Abdullah Sadiq, SI, Rector , GIK Institute is Principal Investigator from Pakistan and Prof Arif Masud , Department of Civil and Materials Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago is Principal Investigator from USA

Asia-Link Project

GIKI is a partner in the Asia Link Program of EU titled ‘A FRAMEWORK APPROACH TO STRENGTHENING ASIAN HIGHER EDUCATION IN ADVANCED DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE’. The total project eligible cost is 1,046,766 Euros including the European Commission’s share of 750,000 Euros (Contract Ref # CN/ASIA-LINK/024 (109093). This is one of its kind grants of such an amount in Pakistan and is a result of Dr. Muhammad Abid’s collaborative efforts at GIK Institute.

In Europe, the education on Engineering Design and Manufacture has been well advanced, but in most regions of Asia, it is not. The proposed project aims to strengthen higher education on advanced design and manufacture in the least developed and developing countries of Asia. The target groups are teaching staff, postgraduate students, engineers and scientists in Bangladesh, China and Pakistan. It is mainly to develop an innovative multidisciplinary course entitled “Advanced Design and Manufacture”; to split train Asian Ph.D. students; to train postgraduate students, teaching staff, engineers, and scientists locally and internationally, to compare the education system / programs between institutions of Asia and Europe; and to organise an “Asia Link Seminar” to gather knowledge and experience from different performers of Asia Link Projects. The partnership consists of seven leading universities from six countries, three Asian and three European. It requests 36 months.

Research Grant Under Hec Foreign Faculty Hiring Program

HEC allocated sum of Rs 0.798660 million for the Research Project entitled ” Asymptotical analysis of the distribution of spacing based statistics with application to goodness-of-fit tests” submitted by Prof. Dr. Sherzod Mirakhmedov , serving at GIK Institute under HEC Foreign Faculty Hiring Program, is Principal Investigator of the said project.

HEC Research Grant

Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi and Prof. Dr. Irgaziev Bakhadir, from Faculty of Engineering Sciences were awarded a research project entitled “Theoretical researches of the reactions important for nuclear astrophysics” from HEC. The project number was 20-1171-R&D/2008.

HEC awarded a research grant of over 2 million rupees to Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi, Faculty of Engineering Sciences for his research project entitled “Microscopic calculation of nuclear physics inputs for core-collapse simulation”. The project (20-1283-R&D/2009) is awarded for a period of three years. This grant also helped in establishment of the computational physics laboratory at FES.

IDB Approves $ 140,000 Grant For Gik-I Project

Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has approved a grant of US $ 140,000 under the technical assistance project for the Faculty Mechanical Engineering (FME) of GIK Institute. The grant will be used for the purchase of sophisticated equipments such as Thermal Imager (ThemaCAM), 3D-Laser Scanner, Non-contact Laser Displacement Setup and high-speed data-logging system.

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