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GIK WebTeam

The GIK Webteam is an in-house team of students that voluntarily design and manage the GIK website and its related affairs, with their services being officially recognized by the Institute. Everything from engineering, design, development and infrastructure to multimedia, photography and content is handled by this very team of students.

Project Topi

Project Topi is a student based society which works for the social uplift of the people living in and around the GIK Institute. The society runs in a similar fashion to other societies of the Institute, comprising of an executive council, a faculty adviser and members of the student body which are inducted annually. This society began back in 2000 with the aim of academic uplift of the people of Topi and other parts of Swabi. Over the Years the domain stretched to areas like medical initiatives, blood camps, and woman/men empowerment, micro-financing and continual support of some very poor families as well. 


GIK Institute computer network is one of the largest in the country. This society is the caretaker of the hostel network which consists of over 600 workstations. The range of its services is broad and sundry: it maintains IRC and mail servers, many dedicated cyber gaming servers, provide internet connectivity and other useful network applications. The students enjoy millions of shared files on the network. The society promotes the learning of networking and server management by holding various workshops. The hostel network administrators volunteer for help around the clock. NETRONiX is the organizer of the first ever all Pakistan network gaming marathon named Über.GameX which is now held annually.

SPIE- (International Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers)

The SPIE (International Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers) is the largest international force for the exchange, collection and dissemination of knowledge in optics, photonics and imaging. As a newly emerging society, the SPIE GIK chapter is the growing legacy of those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by creating, promoting and sustaining a multifaceted platform for Photonics, Photo-optics and Instrumentation. The GIK chapter also has strong associations with both indigenous and foreign companies and academic/technical collaboration in the form of

seminars and workshops is a frequent experience for members. Regular visits and tours, to some of the latest engineering complexes, are conducted to facilitate hands-on experience. Working in conjunction with the administration, the SPIE GIK chapter has also had the privilege of managing and hosting the Open House for the past 3 years.

Science Society

It provides opportunities to students to nurture their scientific talents. It arranges video shows on contemporary developments in various scientific fields. It encourages and financially backs scientific projects undertaken by students on their own initiative. It provides a forum where students and teachers can get together to exchange ideas and information on scientific topics beyond the confines of the formal curricula.

AIAA – (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) is a prominent technical society at GIK Institute. Formerly known as the GIK Aerotech Club, it has made its mark by projecting an image that makes this technical society appealing to the masses. The society is a platform for Aerospace enthusiasts and each semester conducts various events, seminars and workshops. AIAA also maintains a fleet of Radio Controlled Aircraft which are used for both technical and recreational purposes.

ACM – (Association For Computing Machinery)

ACM is a world wide professional organization devoted to advancing the theory and practice of computer science. Its student chapter at GIK is involved in activities ranging from arranging students workshops, special courses and introductory seminars to holding software and computer games competitions.


GSS – (Graduate Students Society)

GIK Graduate Students Society (GSS) is the only and most active society for the post graduate students of GIK Institute. It provides postgraduate students a platform for educational development, healthy activities and entertainment, while staying on campus. GSS organizes seminars, workshops and tutorials in different fields of science & technology to nourish the research skills of students. Speakers from around the world are invited to give talk on the latest and emerging fields of science. GSS keeps alumni and currently enrolled students connected so that they can exchange ideas and experience the research and development which is going on in different fields. GSS arranges an outdoor recreational tour, B.B.Q night, sports gala and dinner every semester to keep postgraduates active and fresh for their research and studies. GSS emphasizes to maintain quality research and academia environment in GIK institute.


ASHRAE – (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)

ASHRAE is the global leader, the foremost source of technical and educational information, and the primary provider of opportunity for professional growth in the arts and sciences of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating. The GIK chapter, one of the oldest international chapters at the Institute organizes conferences, workshops and seminars on careers in HVAC. The society intends to attract students to the HVAC field by giving them an exposure of what the industry has to offer. The ASHRAE (GIK Chapter) is dedicated to the ASHRAE vision and are working towards a better tomorrow.

ASME – (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers)

GIK has an approved student chapter of ASME International. This society aims at the professional development of the students to that they better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern times. They are given an opportunity to explore the exciting new developments in the field of engineering. In addition members of the society receive monthly magazine and newsletter published by ASME International.

CDES – (Cultural Dramatics & Entertainment Society)

This Society, one of the most active and widely applauded, adds color to the campus life. It creates an entertaining and healthy diversion throughout the year by organizing musical concerts, drama competitions, skit competitions, picnics, bonfires, trips to historical sites and every weekend it arranges a big-screen movie show. The activities of the society help in identifying artistic talents and nourishing or fostering these in students.

IET – (Insitute of Engineering And Technoloogy) GIK Chapter

IET is an international organization which aims at improving the capabilities of engineers, and raising the standing and visibility of the profession so that the engineers can play their full part in contributing to the global society. The IEE GIK Chapter realizes these aims and implements them at university level. The society maintains a varied programme of events including lectures, conferences, workshops on technical subjects and advisory sessions. An admirable effort by the society is the IEE Book Bank, which issues used books free of cost and membership to the students.

GSS – GIK Sports Society

The GIK Sports Society (GSS), one of the oldest societies here at GIK has a strong backing of fervent and passionate supporters. It was established by the first batch to provide students with an opportunity to strike a balance between academics and physical fitness. GSS is one of the most dynamic societies and regularly holds various indoor and outdoors events within GIK for both male and female students. The GSS also has the privilege of being one of the founding members of the very successful inter-Pakistan universities sports association. This allows GIK to compete with other prestigious universities from all over Pakistan – the main fixtures being between GIK and teams from LUMS, FAST, AKU and Bahria.

IEEE – GIK Chapter

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is a world wide professional organization devoted to advancing the theory and practice of electrical engineering, electronics and computing. Its student branch at GIK is involved in activities ranging from helping students in their studies to arranging visits to the industry.

Literary And Debating Society

This society holds debates, declamation contests and literary evenings including sessions of poetry recitation. It also arranges participation of the GIK team in debates and declamation contests held by other universities. A special item on its agenda is the student-teacher discussion usually held in the auditorium. These collective sessions prove invaluable for self-assessment and a critical evaluation of the diverse aspects of the GIK life, and go a long way in promoting rapport between the students and the faculty.

Media Club

Media Club is one of the most popular society in GIK Institute. It inculcates in its students the will to explore beyond the arena of textbooks. It is involved in holding popular events like Multimedia Software Workshops, Movie Competitions and Game Shows. Its body consists of the Photography Club, Desktop Publishing and the Vision Club. The Photography Club teaches the students the basic skills of photography, still and video both, and polishes their hidden talents in this field. The Media Club is also involved in the publication of a newsletter/magazine. This presents a useful opportunity to the students to enhance their composing and writing skills.

Naqsh Arts Society

Art is the language of the soul. It is the language of emotions and of pent up intellectual energy. It can be argued that no society can have strong intellectual foundations without a group of individuals promoting and propagating art. Or conversely, a society’s intellectual prowess can be gauged by measuring its standard in all forms of arts. Keeping the afore mentioned in mind, GIK has a representative society for promoting arts and inculcating in its students a sense of aesthetics. It is this inclination of GIK, to polish all aspects of a student’s mental development that sets the institution and its students apart from all other institutions. This society of astounding aesthetes is formally named “NAQSH” (imprints) and beyond any questions NAQSH has left unforgettable imprints on the log books of GIK and on the minds and hearts that it has touched.

SOPHEP- (Society for the Promotion of Higher Education in Pakistan)

In this modern day and age, engineers and scientists are not isolated from the management of the firms they work in. As a matter of fact, they themselves can become senior managers later on. Due to this, companies are perpetually on the look-out for people with solid communication skills. The implication for students is that besides studying hard, they must strive to develop solid presentation and communication skills as well.
One of the major problems facing today’s Pakistani students is the lack of interaction between the Pakistan’s academic and professional communities. As a result of this, young undergraduates lack sufficient knowledge of the professional world and companies remain unaware of the great potential of these future workers.
SOPHEP was formed to help close this information gap and form a bridge between these two vital communities. In this regard, SOPHEP holds workshops that are conducted by successful GIK alumni that help students refine their people-skills and become job-smart. The society also offers students projects from the industrial community which gives budding engineers and managers the chance to gain valuable real-world experience – something that looks great on any C.V.

ASM/TMS – (The Mineral, Metal & Material Society/American Society of Materials)

The mission of ASM/TMS is to promote the science and engineering professions concerned with minerals, metals and materials. The objective of this TMs chapter is to make students aware of the role of materials and metallurgical engineering in today’s international market place. TMS also helps students from other disciplines of engineering to better understand and perform in their disciplines of engineering materials.

Women Engineers Society – GIK Chapter

Women in Pakistan have traditionally not played their due role in professional fields, but an evident change is gradually emerging. In fact, a quiet revolution is taking place in Pakistan. Women are determining the dynamics of this revolution and will certainly influence the economy of the country in the coming decades. Amidst the challenges of the 21st century, women in Pakistan have chosen a focused agenda i.e. self-development and greater economic empowerment. It is a common observation that the number of women joining the male-oriented professions is constantly growing. The economic development of a nation is not possible at all without active women participation. The women engineers in GIK aspire to educate and equip other women with new skills and assist them in getting productive employment.

GIKI Mathematics Society
GIK Institute Mathematics Society is an established society of GIK Institute for the encouragement of study and appreciation of Mathematics among perspective engineers. We believe in developing enthusiasm about Mathematics in students which will lead to their contribution in it. GMS takes pride in being the first society ever in any Engineering institute in Pakistan. GMS has events all around the year that makes it one of the most active societies in GIK. These activities are spread over a range of modules and from research based projects to quiz competitions, seminars, workshops and social events. GMS also tends to develop
enthusiasm and an aesthetic sense for Mathematics in students of GIK and participants from different universities through such events. Our work has also been recognized internationally by prestigious associations like American Mathematics Society (AMS) which donated Rs. 0.5 million worth of books to the GMS. These are placed at the institute’s Central Library for the benefit of all students.

GIK student chapter of AIChE

AIChE is the world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with over 45,000 members from over 90 countries. AIChE has the breadth of resources and expertise in core process industries.  Its student chapter at GIK will be involved in activities ranging from organizing workshops, special courses, introductory seminars and arranging industrial visits. The aim of this society is to foster student-industrial relationship.

Character Building Society

Character Building Society is a society that has been established on the working principle of trying to incorporate a sense of a personality buildup amongst fellow beings. We tend to provide a platform of not only encouraging a buildup of skills in your character arsenal but hope to instill and inculcate myriads of technical skill developments that would prove helpful for you. The Character Building Society (C.B.S.) intends to nurture knowledge, skills, attitude & behavior that will help our student body in leading a better quality life. In doing so, CBS hopes that this process can lead to distinct personality trait developments.


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