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A spectacular auditorium occupies the central place in the campus and its dome meshes with the surrounding hills to present a breath-taking skyscape. It has a seating capacity of 535, and is a venue of conferences, seminars, debates, declamation contests, concerts, and other such functions. A lavishly furnished conference room, a seminar/workshop room and a service centre are also part of this block.

Admin Block

The Administration block of the Institute includes the offices of the Rector, Pro-Rector (Academic), Dean (Student Affairs), Controller of Examinations, Admission , Administration, Finance and other allied offices.

Campus Market

The following utility services are available at the shopping centre located within the premises of the Institute: Post Office, Public Call Office, General Store and Tuck Shop, Campus Restaurant, Stationary Shop, Fruit and Vegetable Shop, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service, Barber Shop, Photocopy and Print Shop


A Helipad is also located in the institute near the faculty club.


A branch of Habib Bank is situated within the campus providing facilities of banking to the students and employees of the Institute. The Bank has also the facility of online banking, foreign currency accounts and lockers.

Medical Centre

A Medical Center on the campus provides round-the-clock health care to students, employees and their dependent family members. At present it has a ten-bed ward, operation theatre, pharmacy, X-Ray department and clinical laboratory with computerized equipment for a wide range of haematology, biochemistry and endocrinology tests. The staff includes a medical specialist, a gynecologist, a physician and a radiographer in addition to trained nurses and paramedical staff. The set-up also has a modern maternity unit and an emergency room with all necessary resuscitation facilities. A Radiology department has also been set-up.

Sports Complex

Sports Complex is located in close proximity to the students hostels. It is spread over an area of 3100 Sq. Yds. with a covered area of 31500 Sq. Ft. It consists of a completely covered swimming pool of international standard with comprehensive facilities, three standard Squash Courts and a Gymnasium. The Gymnasium consists of a main hall and an exercise room. The main hall houses the facilities to play Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton on a make shift basis. In the exercise room, modern equipment for various physical exercises has been installed. Common facilities such as lockers, showers, storage, checkroom, administrative offices and refreshment room have been provided. A separate ladies gym is also operative in a temporary hut. For outdoor sports, tennis, basketball, volleyball courts, hockey, football and a cricket ground are available. Hiking and jogging tracks are planned in the hills behind the main buildings of the campus


The Institute’s cafeteria (GIKafe) offers regular meals and snacks at affordable prices. It caters for both the faculty and the students. Students who normally have their regular meals in their hostel mess use this facility as an alternative. Official and private parties and numerous student functions are also held in GIKafe


The accommodation facilities for students are entirely on-campus. There are ten hostels for boys and one separate hostel for girl students. The rooms in the hostels are equipped with modern furniture and attached bathroom. Freshmen and Sophomore students are provided shared accommodation with attached bathroom. Junior and Senior students are usually provided single rooms on merit basis. Since Topi has cold winters (with temperatures reaching -10 C), the rooms are centrally heated and running hot water is available during winter. Each hostel has an air conditioned common room. It has a television with a satellite receiver. The mess is run on a no-profit no-loss basis and a student mess committee regulates the weekly menu and the quality of the food.

Language Laboratory

The Institute lays stress on the improvement of communication skills of the students. For this purpose, the Humanities Program has acquired a sophisticated language laboratory. This state-of-the-art equipment with 25 booths for students and a control panel for the instructor, was donated by the French Government. It is run under the supervision of an instructor and is also self-operative. The audiovisual facilities help students in their phonetic problems and greatly facilitate the language learning processes.

Library & Information Services

A stately three-storey building, set against the background of brooding and austere hills of Tarbela, houses the Central Library of the Institute. Its interior design, decor, and furniture create an atmosphere of an intellectual sanctuary wherein the students and faculty can concentrate on their studies. It operates in two shifts and remains open till late in night. It has textbooks, reference works and journals to meet the needs of students and the faculty. It is fully airconditioned and has a furnished conference room. It has on hand a varied collection of audio, video and multimedia materials and its number is growing. To share resources through inter-library loans and exchange of data-base information, it is electronically linked with all prominent institutions of science and technology in the country. It provides reprographic services and has a modern printing press.

Parents Lodge

In view of the difficulties faced by the visiting parents/guardians for overnight stay, a Parents Lodge has been set up near the students hostels. It is a five-room fully furnished and airconditioned accommodation with a small kitchen and a common room-cum-dining hall. This accommodation is available to parents and guardians on first-come-first-serve basis on reasonable charges. Efforts are made to make their stay as comfortable as possible.

Faculty Club

Faculty Club has been constructed on the top of a hill and presents a picturesque view of the Tarbela Dam and its environs. Its building is airconditioned and is fully furnished. The accommodation comprises four bedrooms, a spacious sitting hall and a dining room where over 100 persons can be entertained.

Guest House

The first building which was constructed right at the inception of the Institute was the Guest House to accommodate guests for their short stay at the campus. It is situated close to the main entrance of the Institute and is centrally air-conditioned. Lavishly furnished, it has ten bedrooms and a big lounge for indoor functions.


A Central Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) plant located at the campus comprises five water cooled reciprocating type chillers, having a thermal capacity of 238.5 tones each and two hot water boilers each having a capacity of 150 HP (5022 M.B.H). Faculties, Admin Block, Central Library and Auditorium are equipped with Air Handling Units (AHU’s) and Fan Coil Units (FCU’s) which are connected through a network of piping to the Central Plant. Guest House is equipped with packaged and split type Air Conditioners. Medical Center, Faculty Club and GIKafe are provided with individual split type Air Conditioners. Student Hostels have central heating system and are furnished with radiators, connected with the Central Plant. For domestic use, hot water boilers are also installed in each hostel. The system is controlled through building management system (BMS). The facility caters for the heating and cooling requirements at the campus.

Service Center & Printing Press

The Auditorium building also houses a Service Center and a Printing Press on its ground floor. The service center is the prime location for all students since the instructors place all kinds of notes, papers, and timetables in the service center. In addition to this, photocopying services are also provided by the service center. Mass copying and binding is done by the Printing Press.

Clock Tower

Amidst all the picturesque buildings of the institute stands erect the Clock Tower in all its glory. The clock tower can be seen from almost everywhere in the institute and has clocks on all four of its sides. It unites the institute on one time, and the student community is particularly fond of it.

Central Workshop

The Central Workshop gets its name from the once existent workshop that was located in the structure. Currently, it is a vast examination hall. Mid-term and Final examinations are held in the workshop along with some quizzes and assignment sessions.

GIK College

The founding fathers of the Institute were conscious of the need for providing good education to the children of the employees. Keeping this objective in view, the GIK Institute School (now known as the “GIK College”) was established in April 1994 with a modest intake of 25 students. The school has grown rapidly and the current student enrolment in well above 650. College classes were started in the school a few years ago. Now it is an English medium high school/college affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad. Along with academic excellence, due importance is given to character building and personality development by involving children in a large number of creative co-curricular activities and sports programs. Educational excursions, debates, declamations, science modelling projects and children’s art and crafts exhibitions are a regular feature of the educational program. The Institute’s transport is provided for pick and drop of the employees’ children who live outside the Institute.

Faculty Residence

The Institute is fully residential. Most of the faculty and staff of the Institute are accommodated in independent houses and flats on the campus.


There are two beautiful mosques on the campus, one of which is in the staff residential area and the other near the hostels. Apart from daily prayers, special prayers are arranged in these mosques during occasions such as Ramadan.

Girls Hostel

There is a separate girls hostel located on the other side of the institute close to the Medical Center and the Campus Market. Like the boys hostels, its rooms are lavishly furnished and has a dining hall of its own.

Faculty Buildings

Each Faculty of the Institute is housed in a building of its own which has a graceful exterior and an elegant interior with all comforts and conveniences for its users. Each academic block has its teaching and research laboratories, workshops, a computer centre, and offices for the faculty and staff, in addition to a well-furnished conference hall, a discussion room, three class-rooms and a lecture hall. The main lecture hall is an amphitheater with a capacity of over 150 students. When the developmental plans of the Institute are fully implemented, it will have more than 52 laboratories equipped with facilities for sophisticated research and developmental work.

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