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InventersFacultyPatent Identity and RegionDateKh.S.Karimov, Kh.M.Akhmedov, M.Abid, M.S.T.Chani, N.R.YumaevFEEPatent No.TJ 995 of the Republic of Tajikistan17.05.2019
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Durshal Abbottabad / Tech Valley Abbottabad and the Catalyst GIK Incubator has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Nathiagali during their annual tech valley conference. The MoU aims to help students and startups in their professional’s careers promoting entrepreneurship and benefiting Pakistan economically and socially. Mr. Abdullah Soomro Director Incubation GIK Institute and Mr Abbas...
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A Start-up from Catalyst GIK Incubator, PrepareHOW, won 2nd prize along with a cash prize of PKR 250,000, at the Social Innovation Challenge 2019 held on 16th March in Islamabad. The nationwide contest received a great response from all over the country. After thorough rounds of solid scrutiny of 98 startups, top 10 were selected for...
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