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Introduction Zama Starga is a Pashto Language word which means My Eye. It’s the most ingenious and helpful product for visually impaired people. The product is about a smart stick with bunch of technologies installed on it which will work smart to give an eye...
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Working in the field of Home Automation and Internet of Things. The basic idea is to control and monitor the electrical appliances through smart phone. Device offers many unique features, which are not available in other products i-e Device works with and without the Internet,...
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Bricx Farm a cleantech startup pursuing sustainable development goals in Pakistan. We are manufacturing the most economically viable eco-friendly brick. . We are utilizing industrial by-products and using a non-fired technology to reduce the carbon footprint emission and conserving the arable clay. The quality of our ECO...
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Getitt is working on a system that can put people in the right direction enabling them to have more informed journeys. They have built a mobile application that can be used for finding the deals and offers relevant to the particular venue which can save...
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Osteokem is based on the “Extraction of hydroxyapatite (a valuable mineral) for orthopedic and dental implants”. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the main inorganic component of human and animal bones. It has wide applications as bone replacement material, plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental implants, chromatography purification, and...
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