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Events are the key to GIK Alumni Relations, and to our connections with our valuable graduates. There are numerous GIK Institute events on/off-campus ranging from conferences and seminars to receptions to dinners and festivities. GIK Institute celebrations also include exclusively organized for our alumni such as Homecoming and Reunions.

We recommend you to maintain your connection by getting back to campus for an event whenever you can, and by taking advantage of our events in your region. Keep visiting our website to get updates on the latest happenings in the field from our alumni who are now industry experts; meet and hear from current students and GIK Institute faculty; reconnect with old friends and make some new ones.

  • Re-unions
  • Student Career Support Program
  • Other GIK Institute events

* all alumni members in different regions all over the world organize re-unions and gathering events, are please requested to keep us updated about your activities with details and we will include them in our Alumni Events Calendar.

2013-2014 Alumni Events Calendar

Arrange a re-union
Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization – ORIC encourages and help you to organize re-unions as a way of keeping in touch and revitalizing your bonding with GIK Institute. We organize homecoming events for you on-campus and may help you in organizing a re-union activity in your region. You can contact us any time for help, suggestions and information. We can be reached at

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