AI-BootCamp: Policy for Leaves, Attendance and Lab Participation:

DNN Bootcamp policy for Leaves, Attendance and Lab Participation:

100% attendance in physical mode is mandatory for all scheduled sessions, as the Bootcamp’s intensive curriculum relies on continuous engagement and participation to ensure a productive and immersive learning experience for all participants. Participants are expected to attend all lectures, practical labs, and group activities punctually, with a minimum attendance requirement of 90% for receive the certificate. Leaves will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and must be approved in advance by the bootcamp administration. Any unapproved absences may result in penalties or impact the participant’s ability to complete the program successfully. Candidates with attendance less than 90% will be dropped from the bootcamp. Additionally, active participation in lab sessions is crucial, as these hands-on experiences are integral to mastering deep learning concepts. Participants are encouraged to collaborate with peers, ask questions, and fully engage with the practical exercises to maximize their learning outcomes. The Bootcamp’s policy aims to foster a disciplined and interactive environment that supports the educational goals of all attendees.

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