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Fees and Expenses

The Institute is a not-for-profit organization and provides subsidized education. The Semester Fee (Tuition fee & Accommodation Charges), non-refundable,, except in case an applicant is rendered ineligible upon declaration of results where refund is made, is as under for the 4 years for local residents and wards of expatriate Pakistanis.


Academic Year

Engineering Programs and Computer Science ProgramManagement Sciences
Fall Semester

Spring Semester

Fall Semester

Spring Semester




















5% of semester fee will be collected as administrative charges against each semester. No administrative charges if student pays entire fee for two semester in lump sum. Semester fee cannot be paid in installments. The tuition fee is payable before the commencement of the semester. A non-refundable admission fee of Rs. 62,500/- for Pakistani or US $ 680/- for foreign applicants is also required to be deposited at the time of admission. Rs. 25,000 will be charged as security, refundable at the time of leaving the Institute subject to the clearance from relevant departments. The final year students are charged convocation fee of Rs. 16,000. An advance of Rs. 8,000 is to be deposited by each student as mess security. Actual charges will be deducted from advance amount every month.

Refund Policy:

If a freshly inducted student finds it necessary to withdraw his/her admission, he/she must inform GIK Institute in writing. The following refund policy will apply to the tuition Fee:

TimelinesFee Refund (%age)
Before Joining GIK Institute100%

Up to first seven days of commencement

of classes

100% after deduction of 10% of semester fee as administrative charges
From 8th till 15th day after the commencement of classes50%
From 16th day of commencement of classesNo refund

In case an applicant is rendered ineligible upon declaration of results, 100% tution fee refunded if applied within 10 days of declration of result along with proof of  ineligibility.

Withholding Tax:

Withholding Tax under section 236I of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 is applicable @ 5% on Tuition Fee, Admission Fee and Administrative Charges. However, this tax is not applicable in case:

•   Fee is paid by a non resident subject to provision of the following:

> Copy of passport as evidence that during previous tax year, his stay in Pakistan was less then 183 days;

> Furnishes a certificate that he has no Pakistan – source income; and

> The fee is remitted directly from abroad through normal banking channels to the bank account of the education institution.

Note: Tax collected under this section shall be adjustable against the tax liability of either parents or guardian making payment of the fee.

Free Electricity Unit:

The Institute shall provide free electricity to each student in the hostels as under:

Summer93 units per month100 units per month
Winter70 units per month70 units per month

In addition to above, Free units allowed for common areas per hostel will be as under:

Summer 3943 units per month

Winter 534 units per month

Any excess consumption of electricity in the hostels will be charged from the students.

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