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The Institute is a non-profit organization and provides subsidized education. The  annual tuition fee (non-refundable ), subject to revision from time to time , is as under

The tuition fee is payable before the commencement of the semester. A non-refundable admission fee of Rs. 65000/- is also required to be deposited at the time of admission. Rs. 30,000 will be charged as security, refundable at the time of leaving the Institute subject to clearance from relevant departments. The final-year students are charged a convocation fee of Rs. 17,500. An advance of Rs. 8,000 is to be deposited by each student as mess security. Actual charges will be deducted from the advance amount every month.

Bench Fee for Overstaying MS and Ph.D Students availing the GIK Institute scholarships 



Normal duration

without additional charges and stiped

Overstay beyond the Grace Period up to the maximum duration with additional charges

Normal duration

The grace period depends on progress

Bench Fee (Rs)

Maximum Duration


2 Year

½ year


½ Year


3 Year

1 year


2 Years

Otherwise, students have to pay the full fee.

Free Electricity Unit

The Institute shall provide free electricity to each student in the hostels as under:




93 units per month

100 units per month


 70 units per month

 70 units per month

In addition to above, Free units allowed for common areas per hostel will be as under:

Summer 3943 units per month

Winter 534 units per month

Any excess consumption of electricity in the hostels will be charged from the students.

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