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Incubated Startups

Our Incubated Start-ups:






Quality with reliability for healthy life


Kitchen Kourier

 Company Introduction:

To deliver the best customize homemade food to customers through Team work in order to
develop Healthy, Hygienic and Nutritious eating habits.
To provide the best homemade food to customers through team work in order to create healthy,
hygienic and nutritious eating habits.
To be a leading customize homemade food delivery service nationwide.

Kitchen Kourier is all about
  •  Homemade is the new organic
  •  Personalized Diet plans
  • Happiness delivered in a lunch box
  •  Healthy cooking made Easy
  •  Fresh meals right to your doorsteps
Services offered:
  •  Gharka Lunch:(Eat healthy, Work efficiently)
  • KhudPakao:(Ap key recipe, Pakay quickly) 
  •  Doctor key Hadayat:(We care for you)
  • Seasonal Homemade products: (it’s time to enjoy seasons)
Cooperate Sector
Schools and Colleges
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Mussawir – The Online Art Store
Bringing you Pakistan's first premium online art store that aspires to grow
into something
more than a simple store.  We seek to foster art in Pakistan by helping artists
their supplies with just a few clicks.
We at Mussawir believe in creating more than a simple online store. We want
to foster art, not only by creating more access to art supplies, but by creating a
premium service focused on high quality customer care and building a
community of like-minded people around itself. To us, our customers which
make up our little community, are the essence of our business.
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Sahara iO is Pakistan’s first robotics start up in healthcare. The company is working with a vision to
utilize the latest in robotics technology for healthcare applications in low cost. The primary working area
of the company is in developing powered robotic exoskeletons for the patients of paralysis.
iO Alpha the first product of Sahara iO is a robotic exoskeleton (ankle foot orthoses) for the patients of
ankle paralysis. There can be a lot of causes for lower body paralysis (Hemiplegia), the leading being
Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Diabetes. In lower body paralysis, the first joint to get
effected is mostly the ankle. Because of ankle paralysis a person is not able to walk properly.
Such a patient, with the use of iO Alpha can walk again like a normal person. iO Alpha is attached
externally to the ankle and foot of the patient. The device senses the nerve signals and force applied on
the sole of the foot and acts in place of the paralyzed ankle. Because of this the lost motion at the ankle
due to paralysis is restored.
After the launch of iO Alpha, Sahara iO will continue to develop powered exo-skeletons for knees, hips,
elbows, shoulders and wrist – completing the complete body exo skeleton.
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Cardiac Care

  Cardiac Care

Cardiac Care team is always focusing quick and sharp response to Cardiac patients remotely. striving for best online cardiac patients care. The aim of cardiac care is to provide remote monitoring system to the cardiac patients outside conventional clinical settings and hospitals.


Team members







Aqib Shafiq Abbasi                         Manzoor Hussain                  Tehreem Syed

      C.T.O                                                    C.T.O                                     C.T.O








Osteokem is based on the “Extraction of hydroxyapatite (a valuable mineral) for orthopedic and dental implants”. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the main inorganic component of human and animal bones. It has wide applications as bone replacement material, plastic and cosmetic surgery, dental implants, chromatography purification, and calcium supplement



Team Members




    Yasir Khan                          Muhammad Bilal

       C.E.O                                             C.T.O









Getitt is working on a system that can put people in the right direction enabling them to have more informed journeys. They have built a mobile application that can be used for finding the deals and offers relevant to the particular venue which can save precious time and energy without visiting each and every shop which was quite tiresome in the past. The amazing aspect of their solution that they not only tell you about the deals and offers, they even take you there whether it is indoors or outdoors.

Team member


      Amer tanwani

            Project Director






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