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On-Campus Job for Undergraduate Students as Graphics Designer


The GIK Institute seeks the assistance of the following position on part time basis who can work under the supervision of Senior Software Developer and assist during the development of GIK website:

  1. Graphics Designer/Content Writer – 1 Positions

Skills Required:

  • Must have strong sense of Graphic Design and Production as articles with images receive more views (90% and above) than those without an image.
  • Preference will be given to candidates with experience of Content Writing
  • Must have a clear understanding of institute’s requirement.  S/he should have a big picture understanding of how social media content fit into search rankings, and how all content operates within the defined framework.
  • Must possess some social media working experience where s/he has performed similar nature of job.


  • Design/Create graphics for the new GIK website. This could include creating images, icons, buttons, etc.
  • Collect photos of GIK Institute from different Societies (e.g. Media Club) or from students.
  • Prepare or Edit videos/photos of different locations in the institute be put on the new website.


Terms of Reference:

  1. Sophomore or third year undergraduate students with CGPA of 2.7/4.00 and above;
  2. Recipients of any scholarship or financial assistance of any kind are not eligible to apply;
  3. The selected student will be required to work for a maximum of 10 hours per week if the following criteria are met;
  1. The student maintains good academics status;
  2. The student should remain available during the summer if required;
  3. Satisfactory performance report submitted by the Head of Department concerned;
  1. The remuneration amount (around PKR 200/- per hour) will be paid to student in cash/adjustment in Mess bills on monthly basis.


  1. All interested students are advised to submit their applications through their Deans/HoDs concerned to HR Department (Room No. G-15), latest by 15th April 2019.


Assistant Director (HR/Facilitation)
GIK Institute, Topi-23640, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Date: 5th April, 2019