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GIK Team Invictus invited by the Governor of KPK

Meeting with the Governor of KPK

Team Invictus from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology was recently invited by the Governor of KPK, Honorable Shah Farman. He invited the team to felicitate the team members on their recent achievement. Ten students of the team, including captain, Minahill Tariq, and manager, Shariq Hameed, visited the governor house, along with Mr. Jehangir Bashar (Rector) and Dr. Abid Imran (Team Advisor). The team was given a great boost in morale after being awarded a cash prize, as well as shields, and hopes to further improve their ranking at the prestigious AIAA DBF.

Team Invictus has been the sole representative of Pakistan at DBFC (Design/Build/Fly Competition), held in USA, for the past 9 years. This year, team Invictus coming up to the expectations, secured the 2nd position that is the best ever held by GIK team across the world and 1st in Asia at the proposal phase. The team set about designing the revolutionary plane, Uqaab, with advanced manufacturing techniques such as 3D-printed and laser cut parts. It was utilization of modern techniques and a well-organized team structure that enabled the team to secure its highest proposal score.

GIK Institute and the team is thankful to Hon’ble Governor, for hospitability extended to the group. The team has expressed its determination and hope to raise the country’s flag even higher on basis of their outstanding skills. The team is also thankful to its sponsors, as well as GIK for their everlasting support. The team is confident that support from the Governor would also help promote the RC hobby across Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor appreciated the success of GIK’s team and support of KP Government for investment in the youth for promoting science and technology in the province for expanding the industrial base and overall economic development of the province. The Rector, GIK Institute, thanked the Governor for inviting the team that will certainly boost their morale for still better performance in the future.

Date: 19th March, 2021