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GIKI Career Fair 2024

GIKI Career Fair 2024

Each year, the industry is invited from all over the country to GIK Institute on the Career Fair to interact with the third and final-year students to hold interviews for Jobs & internships, conduct presentations, and interact one-on-one with the student body.

The Careers Fair is annually held to provide:

  • A meeting place for the Institute’s senior students and their prospective employers
  • An effective platform for industry-university interaction
  • An opportunity for the industry representatives to acquaint themselves with the academic environment provided to the students

Areas Of Specialization Offered:

The different areas of specialization offered in the respective faculties include:

1. Faculty of Computer Sciences & Engineering (FCSE)

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
– Algorithms and Computational Theory
– High-Performance Computing
– Machine Learning & Data Mining
– Network Communications and
– Distributed Systems
– Signal and Image Processing
– Software and Systems Engineering
– Data Science & Data Mining
– Data Warehousing
– Data Visualization

2. Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES)

– Semiconductor and Microelectronics
– Photonics
– Modeling and Simulation

3. Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE)

– Communication Systems and Digital Signal Processing
– Microelectronics & ASIC Design
– Electric Power
– Control Systems

4. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME)

– Design and Manufacturing Engineering
– Thermo-Fluid Engineering
– System Dynamics and Controls

5. Faculty of Material Science and Chemical Engineering (FMCE)

a. Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE)

– Materials Processing, Manufacturing and Characterization

– Surface Engineering and Coating Technology

– Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

– Advanced Materials

– Ceramics, Polymers and Composites

– Biomaterials
– Corrosion and Degradation

b. Department of Chemical Engineering (DChE)

– Process and Equipment Design

– Fluid Handling and Thermodynamic behavior

 – Reaction Kinetics and Catalysis

– Transport Processes

7. Department of Civil Engineering (DCvE)

– Water Resources Engineering
– Geotechnical Engineering
– Transportation Engineering
– Structural Engineering
– Environmental Engineering
– Construction Engineering

8. School of Management Sciences (SMgS)

– Supply Chain Management
– Accounting and Finance
– Entrepreneurship and Marketing

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GIKI Career Fair 2024 | Programs
GIKI Career Fair 2024 | Programs
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