GIKI Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence. Over 400 alumni, including 150+ CEOs, founders, directors, and managers of big tech companies worldwide, participated in the GIKI Alumni Reunion to celebrate 30 years of excellence at GIKI.

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GIKI celebrated its 30th anniversary of academic excellence. The GIKI Alumni Reunion was attended by over 400 alumni, including more than 150 CEOs, founders, directors, and managers of prominent tech companies from across the globe. The alumni who attended the event came from various parts of the world, including the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. The occasion was a celebration of GIKI’s 30 years of excellence. The event marked a momentous occasion to celebrate the achievements, contributions, and global impact of the university’s talented alumni, many of whom hold significant positions in renowned organizations worldwide. This year’s reunion witnessed a remarkable turnout of alumni from various batches; some came from abroad, reflecting the strong bond and connection shared by GIKIANS representing multiple walks of life. A significant aspect of GIK’s reunion was the global reach of the GIK Alumni Association. Several distinguished graduates currently serve in essential positions abroad, contributing to advancements in science, technology, and various other domains. Their presence in large numbers added a sound international dimension to the event, marking the 30th anniversary of the establishment of GIK Institute.

Another essential feature of the reunion was visiting their respective faculties, holding meetings with faculty and friends, and sharing insights into their professional journeys, experiences, and the role GIK Institute played in shaping their careers during their stay on campus. GIKians were engaged in panel discussions on academics, industry-GIKI collaboration, and fundraising through the GIK Alumni Association. An interactive question-and-answer session was also held on the platform provided by GIK Institute.

A music performance by students of different societies, a play, quiz competition, funfair exhibition, alum visit to their respective faculties to meet the faculty members and students, seminars/sharing experience, alumni support to students/faculty, and Institute and sports activities were all organized for alumni.

Prof Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Rector GIK Institute; Sardar Aminullah Khan, Pro-Rector Admin, and Finance; Prof Dr. Muhammad Hasan Zaidi, Pro-Rector Academics, Deans, students of various disciplines, Directors, and Barrister (Engr) Habil Ahmed Khan, president of GIK Institute Alumni Association (GIKIAA) along with various other alumni belonging to different batches attended the reunion.


The Alumni paid tributes to the founder of the GIK Institute, the late Ghulam Ishaq Khan, the former President of Pakistan, and the late A Q Khan, the Project Director of GIK Institute.

The gathering lauded the tremendous contribution of GIK Institute’s parent body, the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Pakistan (SOPREST), its President, Engr Salim Saifullah Khan, and Executive Director Shakil Durrani, and the members of BOG.

On occasion, Prof Dr. Khalid termed the alumni as a significant source of support in the science and technology fields, meeting the challenges in engineering and shifting to management and information technology. He further stated that GIK continues to enroll top-quality students to meet the country’s future HR needs, and a strong bond with the alma meter is vital. He sought assistance from Alumni inn emerging technologies such as Green Hydrogen, Big Data, Bio Medics, and Generative AI. He also apprised the participants of the BOG’s decision to establish the Islamabad campus.


Barrister Habil, President of GKAA, addressed the gathering through a video link and said in his address that GIK Institute enjoys a unique place nationally and internationally, and it all became possible through the energetic and dedicated efforts of the Institute’s academia. He narrated the achievements of Alumni for better collaborative efforts and linkages with industry and Alumni worldwide and initiatives towards corporate social responsibility and assistance to needy but talented students. The participants were told that the Institute alumni work in 70 countries, have 15 chapters worldwide, and extend financial support to various students. Unanimously vowed that they would play their due role in further strengthening the environment for imparting contemporary knowledge to the youngsters in the Institute.

Dr Navid Butt and Dr. Shanza Rehman, senior faculty members, spoke about their beautiful experiences during education at GIK and its sweet memories. 

The alumni shared their expertise, providing valuable insights into contemporary issues. Their presence was a great source of inspiration for the current students and fellow alumni. Notable personalities were grateful for the recognition and committed to further contributing to society. Jahanzeb Arshad, from the first batch and now a distinguished officer, said: “GIK Institute is our home, and we were like the first child. The sweet memories are a lapidary inscription on our mind.”

GIK provided a platform for the old students to network and collaborate. The event also featured cultural performances by the students, showcasing the diverse talents within the GIK community. Their outstanding performances added a touch of entertainment and cultural exchange to the reunion.

The 30th Alumni Reunion of GIK was a resounding success, celebrating the achievements of alumni and their collective impact and representation on the global stage. It reinforced the university’s commitment to fostering excellence in science and technology education and highlighted the enduring legacy of its graduates.

The participants felt that as they look forward to the future, GIK remains proud of its alum community and is dedicated and ready to nurture the next generation of leaders, innovators, and contributors to the global knowledge landscape to the benefit of the country at the international level, expressed gratitude for the recognition and shared their commitment to further contribute to society.


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