Project Topi Winter Cloth Donation Drive Nov Dec 2022

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Project Topi under the Department of Student Affairs organized Winter Cloth Donation Drive for the needy staff of GIK Institute from November 2022 till 22nd Dec 2022. The lower staff are mostly from the local area of Topi Swabi who need warm clothes during winters. The community of GIK Institute faculty/staff and the students generously donated warm clothes during the drive, and more than 670 pieces of clothes were collected. The clothes that were collected were processed in 3 stages: sorting, ironing, and packaging. Members sorted the clothes according to sizes and genders. It was handed over to the Laundry for cleaning and ironing. The clothes were then packed in plastic bags for distribution. The clothes were then distributed among the lower staff of GIK Institute among both male, female and the poor families in the local community of Topi Swabi. The purpose of this drive was to support the poor families during the winter season who are unable to buy new clothes.

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