ICE Construction Contract and Administration Seminar 21 Dec 2023

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An informative seminar was conducted by Institute of Civil Engineers, GIKI Chapter for up-coming civil engineers to gain value-able first-hand knowledge about their field!

The Speaker “Engr. Jawad Mushtaq Janjua”, Manager Monitoring and Contracts at NLC, Peshawar came to deliver the seminar on “Contract Administration Practices in Consultation Industry of Pakistan”.

The need to understand the importance of contract as well as the complexities one can get in during fieldwork were explained with perfect examples from the real-life experience of the speaker working at a project on Turkham border. The seminar also included Tender and Bidding procedures, Project Recruitment methods, Types of Contracts and Resolution of claims in construction.

The seminar was productive as the students not only engaged themselves in the Q/A session at the end, but also cleared their queries along the seminar.

Moreover, Dr. Fazal Khalid, Rector GIKI and Dr. Ashraf Tanoli, HOD, DCVE also attended the seminar and gave out positive feedback at the end.

The whole concept and arrangement was managed by Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE).

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