Geological Field Trip to Khewra Salt Ranges

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Geological Field Trip to Khewra Salt Ranges

Khewra is known for its 2nd world largest salt mines that extend along the south of Potohar and north of Jhelum River. In these Himalayan and salt ranges rock containing fossils of marine life go back to Ediacaran period (635 million years ago) which show these rock have developed out of sea sediments. Because of its unique geological features, this area is considered as Geological Museum.

A study tour was arranged to Khewra Gorge for BSc Civil Engineering students of Batch 31 to visualize different geological formation such as faults, fold, shear zones, rock types etc. The possible causes for the formation of observed geological features were elaborated by a Senior geologist Mr. Khanzada from NESPAK. Further the impact of these geological features on different civil engineering structure were highlighted by Dr. Mehtab Alam and Dr. Shiraz Ahmad (Faculty DCvE GIKI). During the traversing of Khewra Gorge, field tests like identification of rocks and determination of dip/strike were performed by the students.


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