The 17th edition of International Conferences on Emerging Technology (ICET 2022) successfully concluded at GIKI

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The 17th edition of International Conferences on Emerging Technology (ICET 2022) successfully concluded on November 30, 2022 at the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology.

Speakers in the concluding ceremony of the two-day international conference on Wednesday said that the emerging technologies can help in rapid solution of various problems confronting mankind in the present rapidly changing and complicated world.

The International Conference of Emerging Technologies was organized by the Computer Science Faculty of GIK Institute and scholars from across the country and abroad participated and expressed their views to tackle various complicated issues in a creative way.

Prof Dr Mohammad Mujahid, Rector Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology (PAF-IAST) was chief guest in the concluding ceremony.

He spoke in detail about the emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, the internet of things, and quantum computing.

Activities like conferences/workshops are very important because this is how you learn to improve and develop your skills, applied research which could benefit the local community and resolve the problems like issues related to recent pandemic (COVID), energy, and climate change.

Prof Mujahid, said that PAF-IAST Center for Mineral Resources and Technologies, Center for Railway Engineering and Center for Artificial Intelligence all are demand driven and aimed to solve local problems.

Prof Dr Sarfraz Khurshid Vice Chancellor of Information Technology University of Punjab said that there are plenty of research opportunities, you only need to get the right track and meeting with different researchers to get in-depth idea of innovation, their experience can help you excel a lot and the students should take research focus courses while knowing how they could achieve his objective.

Prof Dr Fazal Ahmad Khalid said that the emerging technologies can help companies to create power transformation to drive revenue in the present era of tough competition.

Dr Masroor Hussain, coordinator of the conference said that a total of 45 research papers were accepted out of 170 research papers submitted from 31 countries including United States, China, Malaysia and Pakistan and every research paper was reviewed by at least two different reviewers.

Dean Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering Engr. Dr. Ahmar Rashid acknowledged the dedication and hardwork of all the organizers of the ICET 17 on behalf of the steering committee, including GIK Administration, Rector, Pro-Rectors, Deans & Directors, Keynote Speakers, Chairs, Co-Chairs, Faculty Members, FCSE Staff, Students, Participants, and Conference Organizers particularly:

Conference Patron: Prof. Dr. Fazal Khalid, Sitar-e-Imtiaz

General Chairs:

  1. Dr. Wasim Ahmed Khan
  2. Sardar Aminullah Khan

Steering Committee Members:

  1. Dr. Zucker
  2. Dr. Tan Li
  3. Dr. Aydin
  4. Dr. Fahad Saeed
  5. Dr. Waqar Mahmood
  6. Dr. Sajjad A. Madani
  7. Dr. Shahzad Sarfraz
  8. Dr. Khurram Khurshid

Program Chairs

  1. Dr. Masroor Hussain
  2. Prof. Dr. Syed Fawad Hussain
  3. Dr. Usman Habib

Local Organization and Registration Committee

  1. Dr. Raja Hashim Ali
  2. Dr. Usman Haider

Technical Program Committee:

  1. Prof. Dr. Zahid Halim
  2. Prof. Dr. Arshad Islam
  3. Prof. Dr. Hafeez ur Rehman
  4. Dr. Taj Muhammad Khan
  5. Dr. Imran A. Siddiqui

Registration co-Chair

  1. Mr. Sajid Ali

Online Management Committee

  1. Engr. Badr e Munir
  2. Ms. Beenish Urooj

Publication and Industrial Co-Chairs

  1. Dr. Omar Osman Khan
  2. Dr. Ghulam Abbas
  3. Dr. Ali Zeeshan Ijaz
  4. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Khan

Local Arrangements, Finance and Marketing

  1. Engr. Muhammad Mohsin Zafar
  2. Dr. Rashad Jillani
  3. Engr. Dr. Muhammad Hanif
  4. Engr. Ali Shaukat
  5. ACM Society
  6. IEEE Society
  7. Graduate Student Society
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