Prof. Ghulam Hussain Listed Among the World’s Top 2% of Scientists

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Prof. Dr. Ghulam Hussain

Dr. Ghulam Hussain, born in 1977 and graduated in 2009 from NUAA-China, is a professor of mechanical engineering at the GIK Institute. He has rich experience working both in academia and industry. He is a renowned scholar of manufacturing technologies with expertise in plasticity, sustainability, and advanced processes including 3D printing, incremental forming, friction welding, and processes hybridization. He is the author of over 110 top-notch journal articles and an editor of several books. He is recognized as a leading researcher at the international and national levels- among the top 10. He has been the world’s top 2% scientist, ranked by Stanford University, USA, and included in the long-career list (more prestigious than the single-year list). He is actively involved with several reputed international universities as a foreign expert and external researcher.

He expressed that his scientific achievements owed to the struggles of his parents; the excellent supervision of his honorable Chinese teacher- Prof. Gao Lin; encouragement from his senior colleagues and management; technical and financial support from the GIK Institute and Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics- China; and skillful teaching of his school teachers- Muhammad Ayub and Mushtaq Ahmed.  He has secured several achievements, prominent of which include:

Ranked as the world’s top 2% scientist (career & single-year lists 2021, 2022) (Source: Stanford university, USA)

Consistently ranked among the top 10 leading researchers (since 2014) of digital/die-less incremental forming (Source: Scopus)

Ranked as top 6th National Young Scientist in Engineering Category (2017)

Secured best researcher award (2018), and research prizes

Secured teaching excellence award (2020)

113 research articles in high-ranked international journals

Attracted a good number of citations (˃3050 in google scholar, and >2250 in Scopus)

Secured a high H-Index (30 in google scholar, and 24 in Scopus), and I-10 Index (68)

Secured International and National Research Grants worth USD 1093000

Foreign Expert and Invited Researcher with international universities

Guest Editor and Board Member of international journals

Co-editor of 3 books- published by Taylor & Francis

Listed in “Who is Who”, USA

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Hussain

Pondering a scientific issue in his office
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