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Science Marathon

GIK Science Society under the Student Affairs Department organized an Intra GIK Event “Science Marathon” on 21st September 2022. The Science Marathon is an Intra GIKI event conducted annually by the GIKI Science Society at the start of every Academic year, its main purpose is to introduce the freshmen to our society which provides a platform for personal development, majority soft skills.

Science Marathon is designed in such a way that the participating students, in teams of three, must find a balance in using their body and mind at the same time, they are given clues to find multiple locations scattered throughout GIK where they are required to solve either a scientific or intelligence-based riddle. If they provide the correct answer, they are given the clue to the next location. The questions are open ended, and the participating freshmen are not restricted to use external resources if they are able to think of the idea.

Top 10 finalists were selected to proceed for the final round which is one of the modules performed in the All-Pakistan Science Fair. This year, the final module will be the Elastic Car i.e., the finalists will have to make a working car using bottle and bottle caps. Multiple parameters will be set to judge the modules. A winning prize of up to 10,000 Rupees will be given to the winning team.

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