Kishware Haseen Shaad Baad (KHSB)

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Kishware Haseen Shaad Baad (KHSB)

There is no greater joy than seeing those around you rise up to their full potential.

Project Topi under the Student Affairs Department organized an event Kishware Haseen Shaad Baad (KHSB). Every year, Project Topi arranges KHSB with the sole aim of the growth of the underprivileged children. Our carefully curated modules bring out their talents and allows them to shine as they have never before.

We are proud to announce the successful completion of KHSB. This year we were able to reach out to 60+ school students from vastly different backgrounds and provide them a platform to showcase their artistic and debating skills. Social awareness presentations were also given where the children participated enthusiastically.

We received an overwhelming response from these talented children and they rose up beyond expectations.

Our heartfelt thanks to the schools and parents who sent their children to us and to our generous donors who keep on making these events possible for us. But most of all to the remarkable children of Topi.

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