GIK holds meeting of its International Advisory Board (IAB)

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The IAB of GIK sets up international standards for the Institute in terms of the quality of education and research, caliber of the faculty, revision and review of the curricula, and adequacy of the laboratory and library facilities. It also reviews the developmental programs of the Institute and provides guidelines for its growth in future.

GIK held a meeting of its IAB on 24th May 2022. This time the IAB meeting was scheduled online, in the next phase IAB members will have focused meetings with their concerned departments, and afterwards, the IAB meeting is planned in the physical mode towards the end of this year.

The meeting was attended by following international members: Prof. Dr. Shuichi Miyazaki (University of Tsukuba, Japan), Dr. Zahid Ayub (President Isotherm, Inc., USA), Dr. Kamran Iqbal ( University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA), Prof. Dr. Samee Khan (Mississippi State University, USA), Dr. Bilal Malik (Personalized Healthcare, Genentech, USA), Prof. Dr. Kaifeng Yang (Florida State University Tallahassee, USA), Prof. Dr. Hanif Chaudhary (University of South Carolina, USA), Dr. Talha J. Pirzada (University of Oxford, UK), Dr. Julfikar Haider (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), Prof. Dr. Andrea Bondavalli ( Informatica, viale Morgagni-Firenze, Italy), Dr. Jianfu Zhang (Tsinghua University, China), Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Khan (UNESCO, China), Prof. Dr. Kai Sang Lock (Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore), Prof. Dr. Manuel Andres (University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain), Dr. Nikoletta Athanassopoulou (University Of Cambridge, UK), Dr. Arsalan Ghani (University Of Cambridge, UK).

From GIK, Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, SI, (Rector, GIK), Prof. Dr. Wasim Ahmed Khan (Pro-Rector Academic), Mr. Sardar Aminullah Khan (Pro-Rector Admin & Finance), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Akbar, Prof. Dr. Sami Farooq, Prof. Dr. Javaid Rabbani Khan, Prof. Dr. M. Ashraf Tanoli, Dr. Zahid Halim, Dr. Syed Fawad Hussain, Dr. Ahmar Rashid, Dr. Fahd Nawaz Khan, Dr. Khalid Rahman, Dr. Naveed R. Butt, Dr. Ghulam Abbad, and Dr. Imran Khan attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, SI.

Participants discussed exiting and new degree programs to be initiated by the institute. Topics related to research and innovation, startups, linkages with industry tech commercialization, transnational education, international ranking, quality, faculty and student exchange, opportunities for joint degrees, and online distance learning, were on the agenda.

The international members of the IAB appreciated the efforts GIK is making to produce quality engineers and scientists for both local and international market. They asked for introducing specific programs related to innovative technologies. The impact that GIK has made globally was acknowledged by all the international members of IAB.

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