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All Pakistan Science Fair

GIK Science Society under the Student Affairs Department conducted an All Pakistan Event. This year, the GIKI Science society hosted the 22nd iteration of their yearly event, All Pakistan Science Fair on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of May. The event took place after 2 years of being at halt due to the COVID pandemic. School and university delegations from all over Pakistan took part in it. The main purpose for organising the science fair was to challenge the mindset of the youth and give them a platform where they could implement their technical knowledge. Among the multitudinous modules of the event, the most distinguished were the Science Marathon, Kasoty, Forensics, Metradora, ParaX, Roll the Dice, and AeroModelling. In addition to this, a science exhibition took place where students and teams from all over Pakistan displayed their projects. The All Pakistan Science Fair continued the legacy of delivering an awe-inspiring experience to its audience that wasn’t only filled with wisdom and knowledge but many memorable moments as well.

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