Project Topi-Clothes Donation Drive

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Project Topi is GIK’s premier welfare society and also the sole welfare society. Project Topi helps deserving people inside and outside GIK in various cases. One such way is the clothes donation drive. Clothes Donation Drive is a successful and impactful module of Project Topi that is aimed to provide clothes to well-deserved lower staff here at GIK Institute in the bone-chilling winters we have here in Topi. In this regard a door-to-door campaigns was conducted on December 8 2021 in all hostels gathering unused, no longer needed clothes by the students, which are then sanitized, and cleansed through a laundry process. The Clothes Donation drive was conducted by Project Topi on December 21 2021, the clothes were then displayed in mess dining halls and distributed to the needy people.

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