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Project Topi, welfare society of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, has established a platform within the GIK community for conscientious individuals that believe in the power of unification and dependability. Project Topi executes numerous events and modules annually that promote humanitarianism and above all, bridge the gap between generations through generosity and compassion. Since 2000, a significant part of these have been conducted successfully and that too with impactful consequences.

With the collaborations of renowned institutions like Red Crescent Society, blood camps are set up within the central ground of GIK Institute every semester. A group of doctors and paramedic staff are appointed to ensure efficient administration of the whole day’s agenda. Students visit the camp in their free slots and donate blood. Over the years, due to overwhelming response, Project Topi has consistently been accredited with free certifications, recognition in newsletters and free CPR trainings by these organizations.

In response to the Blood Camp event that was held on 27th Oct, 2021 in collaboration with Red Crescent, it was witnessed an influx of donors. Project Topi managed to obtain 280+ bottles of blood, subsequently surpassing our previous record of 218 bottles and are truly gratified for such an overwhelming response!

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