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Following six members of GIK Alumni Association visited the GIK Institute on 2nd October, 2021:

1.         Mr. Junaid Kalim – President, GIK Alumni Association

2.         Mr. Zain ul Hassan Khan – VP Student Affairs, Alumni Association

3.         Mr. Soban Jalil – Chief Global Coordinator, Alumni Association

4.         Mr. Umair Aslam – VP Marketing, Alumni Association

5.         Ms. Maria Gulzar – Secretary, Alumni Association

6.         Mr. Abid Javed – Office Manager, Alumni Association

Rector, Prof. Dr. Fazal Ahmad Khalid, SI warmly welcomed the GIK alumni and all other participants to the meeting. The members of GIK Alumni Association welcomed back the Rector to the Institute. The Association showed complete satisfaction on appointment of the new Rector and anticipated that he will take the Institute to the next level. The Rector appreciated the good work being done by GIK Alumni Association and stated that the presence of the GIK Alumni in the campus is a source of inspiration for the students, as most of the students see GIK Alumni as their role model. The presence of the Alumni in the Institute is much appreciated. President Alumni Association stated that most of the GIK Alumni are the students of the present Rector and the Institute has never felt home before, as they were feeling today i..e, 2.10.2021. The Rector anticipated full support from GIK Alumni Association in terms of increase in number of students’ scholarships, developing more Industrial Linkages and collaboration of the Institute, starting new joint programs with other well reputed international Universities, digitalizing the Institute, recovery of Financial Assistance loans and engagement of students and their job placement. Alumni of the Institute have its representation in more than 70 countries. The Association ensured its full support to the Institute. President Alumni informed the participants that in year 2021 the Association disbursed scholarships to deserving students of Rs. 25 (M) by fund raising from the Alumni.  The option to setup an office of Alumni Association in the campus was also discussed. Office Manager of Alumni Association will be full time available on campus, so that to liaison with the students.


The Alumni Association also had a motivational session with the students of the Institute. President Alumni Association and other members guided the students’ regarding career progression and the ways to tackle the upcoming challenges in their professional lives.  The Students thanked the GIK Alumni for coming to the Institute and motivating them. Meeting with Alumni Association will be arranged at least twice in a year.

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