GIK Start-up develops Pakistan’s first real time online shopping search engine

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The Catalyst GIK Incubator is established with the generous support of The Directorate of Science and Technolgoy (DoST), Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A Start-up Shoppingum from The Catalyst, GIK Incubator has created Pakistan’s first real time online shopping search engine, with live tracking and filters that allow users to only shop from stores that are delivering during the lockdown. is an online shopping search engine which has more than 3.2 million products from 210 online stores in Pakistan. The Website is the biggest single platform that uses advanced data mining and machine learning algorithms to live track millions of products that are available on almost all the authentic online stores of Pakistan.

As the world faces a major crisis due to Corona Virus, and billions of people are restricted to their homes, Health services are trying to cope up with the current situation. On the other hand, people are struggling to fulfill their necessities while being in self-isolation, Developing countries like Pakistan have been severely hit by the uncertain situation of lockdown. Almost all the marts and malls are closed. The ones who are still open are selling their products at exorbitant prices to the customers already facing the problems of livelihood.

Many online stores have either restricted their delivery or have halted their operations altogether due to logistical challenges. In this crisis, online shopping is the most significant option. is providing solution to online shoppers by providing Live tracking of products, Whenever the user searches the product on the website, the complex search algorithm initiates a live product fetch operation from all online stores of Pakistan. This brings the most relevant and desirable results on the user’s screen.

Besides, users can easily check and compare the prices according to the scale from lowest to highest or vice versa. The Website also offers a side-to-side price comparison feature of the product, which helps the users to locate not only the nearby but also the cheapest similar product. This feature protects the users from becoming a victim of false information, over-pricing, and scams.

The Website not only enables the user to save time by locating the desired product across the internet within seconds, but also helps to get the most updated information about the delivery of the product. Clients are considering such service as a lifesaving option in this COVID-19 Crisis.

Two of the founders Mr. Bilal Jamil and Syed Ali Abbas Haider are GIK graduates and the start-up is part of 8th Cohort of the GIK Catalyst.

The Catalyst, GIK incubator has been established with collaboration of The Directorate of Science and Technology (DoST) Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and GIK Institute. As part of its policy for scientific transformation of the Province.

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