We are the first recycling company of Pakistan and the only company to reproduce energy from recyclable waste. We are striving to reduce landfills in Pakistan and restore the natural beauty of this country. We have environmentally-friendly solutions to counteract pollution.

We plan to solve two major issues of the country: Pollution and Feasibility of fuel. Our company utilizes plastic waste as raw material for LPG production. We offer a permanent solution for plastic waste disposal. And what comes out as the end-product? -A cost-efficient fuel that caters to all domestic needs. Greenovation is the only company in Pakistan that bases its core purpose upon Environmental Safety. Our aim is to rid Pakistan of landfills and pollution efficiently and productively. We believe returning fuel in exchange of pollution is a sensible transaction.

Products and Services

  • LPG Supply to households
  • Plastic Waste Reduction
  • Glass/Paper Recycling
  • Thermal Insulations
  • In-House Industrial Plants
  • Capacity Building

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