Sahara iO

Sahara iO is Pakistan’s first robotics start up in healthcare. The company is working with a vision to   utilize the latest in robotics technology for healthcare applications in low cost. The primary working area   of the company is in developing powered robotic exoskeletons for the patients of paralysis.  

      iO Alpha the first product of Sahara iO is a robotic exoskeleton (ankle foot orthoses) for the patients of   ankle paralysis. There can be a lot of causes for lower body paralysis (Hemiplegia), the leading being   Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke, Cerebral Palsy and Diabetes. In lower body paralysis, the first joint to get   effected is mostly the ankle. Because of ankle paralysis a person is not able to walk properly.   Such a patient, with the use of iO Alpha can walk again like a normal person. iO Alpha is attached   externally to the ankle and foot of the patient. The device senses the nerve signals and force applied on   the sole of the foot and acts in place of the paralyzed ankle. Because of this the lost motion at the ankle   due to paralysis is restored.  

After the launch of iO Alpha, Sahara iO will continue to develop powered exo-skeletons for knees, hips,   elbows, shoulders and wrist – completing the complete body exo skeleton.  

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