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Kitchen Kourier

 Company Introduction: To deliver the best customize homemade food to customers through Team work in order to develop Healthy, Hygienic and Nutritious eating habits.   Mission: To provide the best homemade food to customers through team work in order to create healthy, hygienic and nutritious eating habits.   Vision:   To be a leading customize homemade food delivery service nationwide.  

Kitchen Kourier is all about

  •  Homemade is the new organic
  •  Personalized Diet plans
  • Happiness delivered in a lunch box
  •  Healthy cooking made Easy
  •  Fresh meals right to your doorsteps

Services offered:

  •  Gharka Lunch:(Eat healthy, Work efficiently)
  • KhudPakao:(Ap key recipe, Pakay quickly) 
  •  Doctor key Hadayat:(We care for you)
  • Seasonal Homemade products: (it’s time to enjoy seasons)

Customers:   Cooperate Sector Hostels Schools and Colleges   For more Information:

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