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Two Teams from The Catalyst GIK Incubator Robspire Technologies and Osteokem have won first and Second prize respectively at The Idea Cup Competition held on 17th October at KMU Peshawar.

Idea Cup was organized by Impact Dynamics and KUBIC (KMU-BIC) at KMU, to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in medical field and health. More than 30 teams pitched their ideas, These Ideas were judged by well-known personalities of the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem. Winners were awarded cash prizes, with first team receiving 50000 Rupees, second team receiving 30000 Rupees and Third team Receiving 20000 Rupees. They were also given the opportunity of being incubated at KUBIC.

Robspire Technologies, is start up working on robotics and consumer electronics. They pitched their idea of CLEANSE which is an electronic anti-pollution face mask. Unlike other anti-pollution masks, it features a unique sensor technology that analyzes the breathing pattern of its user and provides clean air accordingly. In this way it maintains a flow of air that is exactly synced with the breathing cycle of its user, thus giving a sensation of natural breathing while maintaining air quality.

Osteokym is the first research and development based Biomaterial Start-up Company in Pakistan to produce natural hydroxyapatite with an economical and improved process. The Start-up produces highly pure, single phase hydroxyapatite materials which are used for Medical products of Dental care, bone regeneration and for research purposes.

The Rector GIK Institute Congratulated Both the teams on securing top positions at the Idea Cup.

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