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The Incubator, GIK Institute is at the forefront of entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan at large. Mr. Dawood Khan, Secretary of Science and Technology and Information Technology, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was invited as a Chief Guest at the Startup Launch Event on Friday 23rd February 2017. He assured the Institute that till the completion of the Incubation Centre Project provincial government would provide a total of PKR 99.96 million to Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology for the development and enhancement of Technology Incubation Center at GIK Institute.  The GIK Institute shall invest about PKR 27 Million in the program.

Mr. Dawood Khan was addressing a gathering of aspiring entrepreneurs, researchers and academicians at the Incubation Centre at Startup Launching Event which was graced by officials of Directorate of Science and Technology, reputed entrepreneurs, academicians and students. He said that GIK Institute introduced a brilliant idea to train educated youngsters with innovative ideas to start their own businesses to facilitate the people of Pakistan, create new job opportunities and play their due role in strengthening the country economy. The Secretary added, “In future we hope more new result-oriented and innovative ideas would come forward which are expected to open new horizons of the business and commerce, proving very helpful for the youth and general public on one hand and strengthening country’s economy on the other”. The provincial secretary said that cooperation and coordination of the KP government with GIK Institute would continue. “Whenever the GIK Institute needs, it would get the required funds without any delay,” he said.

He appreciated the brilliant solutions provided by Incubation Participants and was amazed at the progress they made in a short period of time, giving full credit to the Incubation Management Team.  

Jehangir Bashar, Rector of GIK Institute said that the hard work of the academia has culminated in result-oriented outcome and the Incubation Centre is a striking initiative of the GIK institute to train young talented and educated youth.“It has been a great journey because the faculty members put their heads together and delivered according to our expectation. We are proud of their contributions,” the Rector added.

Senior Advisers, The Incubator GIK Institute, Prof. Dr. Wasim A Khan said, “We have come a long way in the last 3 years. We are happy to announce that our Incubation program has progressed into an accelerator program, where young aspiring entrepreneurs meet and socialize with established entrepreneurs. We have deep and strong connections with industry which enables us quickly commercialize our product/services”.

Dr Cedric Aimal Edwin, Head of the Incubation Centre said, “We take pride in the processes we have developed at The Incubator, GIK Institute. Our rigorous one-year program allows fresh graduates from various educational backgrounds to transform into entrepreneurs. Today, after 3 years of sheer hard work, our efforts are getting acknowledged. I am humbled by the appreciation received and we wish to contribute more to the socio-economic benefits of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Pakistan.

The most interesting segment of the programme was the presentation of three teams in which the teams described their entrepreneurial journeys. The amazing journeys of these youngsters highlighted the difficulties they faced, the criticism they heard and how they overcame all the challenges. Each story was inspirational.   

Nida Hussain who belongs to Peshawar said that she has launched Kitchen Kourier at Rawalpindi, providing different varieties of meal to the customers at their demand, protecting them from unhygienic food and dreadful diseases.“We have our own website and all the requirements of an easy approach to the customers. We have introduced new idea and start preparing seasonal food as well,” she said. [website: ]

Ahmad Jamil and Atif Jamil who co-founded Mussawir said that there was no dearth of artists in Pakistan but artists find it really hard to purchase quality supplies. For instance, in the entire KP there is only one art shop which is situated in the provincial metropolis, they said. Mussawir, thus, provides art supplies to artists all over Pakistan. Atif Jamil, who belongs to Nowshera said, “Mussawir is quickly growing into a community of artists which gives Mussawir a competitive advantage over other supplies”. [website: ]

Kunwer Faran and Abdul Saboor are the co-founded Sahara iO, the first medical robotics company of Pakistan. Their orthoses device and automatic wheelchair are making quite a buzz in the startup community in Pakistan. Kunwer Faran, who belongs to Abbotabad, appreciated the efforts of The Incubator, GIK Institute in providing superior training and quality networking opportunities. He said, “The Incubator, GIK Institute is a vibrant place for all aspiring entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams. [website: ]

Mr. Abid Abrar, CEO Electronic General Services (EGS), an established entrepreneur and a guest at the event, praised the event and said, “Events like these promote a positive image of Pakistan. These young entrepreneurs are the hope of our country”.

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