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In addition to its great historical character, the location of the Institute offers many advantages. The northern areas of Pakistan which attract expeditions from all over the world are easily accessible from here. Perhaps the most important advantage is the invaluable opportunities it offers for establishing interaction between industry and university





GIK Alumni Association

The GIKI Alumni Association is an independent and worldwide organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future GIKI alumni and the Institute.

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On behalf of the founders, the executive councils, the international co-ordinators and volunteers of GIKI Alumni Association ; Assalam O Alaikum!
I am very excited and motivated to be the new elected President of the GIKI Alumni Association. This association is a family of 6,000+ alumni across the globe. And hence, its a great honour for me to be its president. I hope and pray that with the support of you all , I serve them well. I have a strong desire to give back value to GIKI as well as its alumni , in view of my four golden years spent there (1993-97).

Junaid Kalim (B1)